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Show Me




While creating their new track, Monica da Silva and Chad Alger were greatly inspired by their recent move to Los Angeles, the music of the 80s, a love for lush, dreamy pop songs, and all things David Lynch. The Brazilian American duo say that although their new track encompasses more of an electronic, synth-based feel, the lyrical subject matter was based on organic, human emotion. 


“Show Me (that you want me) really struck me as an intense idea for a song,” says vocalist da Silva. “It’s scary how detached we humans have become. Technology is great, but we’ve got to remember how important human interaction is, and not just go through the motions like zombies. For this song, Chad dug an old synthesizer we had out of the closet. We started stacking sounds and layering vocals. The production came together quickly, and virtually all of the sounds in the track were created using the same synth.”

Complicated Animals released their debut EP “In This Game” in 2015. The EP featured songs in English and Portuguese. It was featured on Pop Matters and NPR. Stay tuned for more tracks from Complicated Animals.


Press Quotes:


Get In Her Ears - “We’re thrilled that Complicated Animals are making music designed to champion emotion and bring people together in a very real sense.”


Aupium - “The seductive croons of vocalist Monica da Silva and lush production of Chad Alger effortlessly take you into a melodic high where they speak to our longing for one-to-one intimacy."


Santa Maria Sun - “The duo's recently released single "Show Me" takes a step in a different direction, with a lush '80s pop sound layered between electronic synthesized beats. It's kind of like Florence and the Machine ran into Depeche Mode.”


Obscure Sound - “The track’s atmosphere certainly works in a dark, chilling vein with the backing vocal production and suaveness of the verses."

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