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Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Listen to "Show Me"

Complicated Animals have released the video for their brand new single “Show Me”. Monica and Chad came up with the storyline, and filmed the video themselves, over the course of two nights, in their apartment in South Pasadena, California. The UK blog Get In Her Ears says “it’s a lush, dreamy set of visuals that’ll have you swaying under the nearest mirror ball.” We agree.

Aupium says "Complicated Animals takes us into an intimate party of two in their new video, where we see the duo showcase their groovy swag under the neon lights. While mostly known for their indie nova sound, Complicated Animals took a more synthpop trajectory with “Show Me” and it’s one sun-kissed dreamy banger. The seductive croons of vocalist Monica da Silva and lush production of Chad Alger effortlessly take you into a melodic high where they speak to our longing for one-to-one intimacy.”

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