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Times Like These

Complicated Animals have released an intimate, acoustic take on Times Like These by Foo Fighters.


The California based duo gravitated toward Times Like These, because they think the lyrics are in line with the events of this year.  


“We believe that these challenging times, are the times that shape us. We’ve all had to slow down, and focus on familial relationships, and close friendships. It’s a hard thing, but it’s not a bad thing. The most important thing we can offer each other now is inspiration. We hope to inspire people with some positivity and hope. The world needs more of that.”


As Oscar Wilde said, “Behind every exquisite thing that existed, there was something tragic.”




Complicated Animals - Times Like These -  Foo Fighters Acoustic Cover

Complicated Animals - Times Like These - Foo Fighters Acoustic Cover





Complicated Animals make music that glistens in sunshine. Their self-coined Indie Nova genre, beautifully showcases the magic that happens when Indie Pop and Bossa Nova come together to tell a story. Monica da Silva and Chad Alger first came together while living in Chicago in 2008. They survived the blizzards, by drinking red wine and black coffee. Somewhere in that haze, Chad picked up a guitar, Monica made up some lyrics, and the songs they crafted transported them far away from snow, to the beaches of Brazil.


Their first album “Brasilissima” came out under da Silva’s name in 2010, and featured songs in both of Monica’s native languages, English and Portuguese. The first single “Aí Então”, was picked up by Putumayo World Music for their compilation “Brazilian Beat”, and the psychedelic track “That’s Not The Way”, pumped up the crowds during The World Cup in Brazil in 2014. 


Monica and Chad released their EP “In This Game” under the name Complicated Animals in 2015. Written and recorded in a cabin in the woods in Michigan, “In This Game” received rave reviews from blogs and journalists, and was called “a 6 song masterpiece” and the “beginning of a new sound” by PopMatters. The first single “Phoenix” was featured in the 2019 Netflix Original Movie The “Last Summer”. 


In 2018, Complicated Animals released their single “Show Me”. The track was a departure from the acoustic sounds on “in This Game”, and was influenced by the synth-based music of the 1980s, and Chad and Monica’s mutual love for lush dreamy pop songs. “Show Me” was featured on MTV Brazil, and Obscure Sound. 


On October 16th, 2020, Monica and Chad are releasing an intimate, acoustic version of “Times Like These” by Foo Fighters. Inspired by the life changing events of this year, Monica and Chad hope to spread some positivity. The duo had this to say about their new single. “This year sure has been crazy. Life has changed. We think the lyrics of Times Like These are super relevant to everything that's going on right now. We collaborated with a talented Brazilian artist named Karla Caprali. She has created the song artwork, and a powerful visual (animated music video) to go along with the message. We hold firm to the belief that we will emerge from Times Like These more empathetic, more creative, simpler, stronger.”


Complicated Animals have toured the United States and Canada. They have performed on TED Talks, during Miami Fashion Week, and at the prestigious El Tucan Nightclub, for the actor Will Smith. Based in the Napa Valley of California, the duo are currently writing and recording.

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