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In This Game


EP 2015


Complicated Animals’ debut EP "In This Game", features 6 songs in the duos’ self-coined Indie Nova genre. The style mixes breezy, Indie Pop with a touch of vintage Brazilian Bossa Nova.


"In This Game" was written and recorded in a cabin in the woods along the lakeshore in Michigan. The duo is the collaborative lovechild of Brazilian American singer songwriter Monica da Silva, and musician and producer Chad Alger.


Inspired by the changing seasons, and their mutual love for vintage films and music, da Silva and Alger really wanted to get back to the art of songwriting on "In This Game".


“We really wanted the songs to unfold like a story would,” says Alger. They took their time to carefully choose each and every sound that has gone into their new collaboration, making sure that the songs evolved like the seasons.


"In This Game" has received rave reviews from blogs and journalists, and has been called “a 6 song masterpiece” and the “beginning of a new sound” by PopMatters. The first single “Phoenix” was featured on MTV Brazil, and is featured in the Netflix Original Movie "The Last Summer", released on May 3, 2019. 

Press Quotes:

Pop Matters - "The charming duo Complicated Animals is releasing a new EP and forging a new sound, one they are calling ‘Indie Nova’."


Gozamos - "A six song masterpiece that features their brand of indie nova which beautifully showcases the magic that happens when indie pop and vintage Brazilian bossa nova come together to tell a story." 

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