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Soldado de Amor

“Soldado de Amor” (Soldier of Love) is a haunting ballad, inspired by the vintage “marchinhas” (marches) and popular samba songs of Brazilian Carnival.

“There is an intimate quality to the song, but I didn’t first envision it that way”, says da Silva. “When I wrote the melody, it really reminded me of the samba and Carnival songs I grew up listening to. The Portuguese lyrics describe leaving all things petty behind, and living for love, fantasy, happiness and passion.”

Recently “Soldado de Amor” has been featured on the BBC miniseries "The Replacement", as well as the Paramount Network series "American Woman".





Mônica da Silva - Walk on the Wild Side

Mônica da Silva - Walk on the Wild Side





Mônica da Silva is a Brazilian American singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist. She grew up living between the Midwest, United States, and Belém, Brazil, a city on the Amazon River. A love of travel and foreign language helped to forge her unique sound, a genre she calls "Indie Nova". Bringing her cultural diversity to her songs, she smoothly flows between languages (English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French), and takes her listeners on a journey. Through her music, da Silva hopes to expose people to different cultures, sounds, and new ways of thinking.


Paralleling her life, da Silva's music contains an eclectic mix of Brazilian and American influences. Her sound can be classified as International Fusion, as it is heavily influenced by Brazilian music, namely Bossa Nova, but also incorporates elements of French Pop, Lounge, Electronica, Indie Pop, and Worldbeat.


In 2010, da Silva released her album “Brasilissima”. The record features songs in English and Portuguese. The first single “Aí Então”, was chosen by Putumayo World Music to be included on their compilation “Brazilian Beat”. The upbeat, psychedelic track “That’s Not The Way” was included in the programming of The World Cup 2014. Another song from that album "Push Me Away", was licensed by Patron Tequila in 2015, for their video "The Making of The Bottle".  


In 2017, da Silva's song "Back To His Girl" was featured in the Golden Globe Award winning film "Lady Bird". Her latest single “Soldado de Amor” (2017), was nominated for a 2018 International Brazilian Press Award. The track was featured in the BBC One series "The Replacement”, in the 2018 Paramount Network series "American Woman", and appeared in the 2019 Fall Campaign for the American fashion label Tory Burch. She is currently recording a new, full-length album, as well as writing and recording with her project, Complicated Animals.