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Walk On The Wild Side




Monica da Silva has a tender new take on Lou Reed's "Walk On The Wild Side". Da Silva, along with musician and producer Chad Alger, really wanted to bring out the softer side of a song with heavy subject matter. 


"When Lou Reed released "Walk On The Wild Side" in July 1972, the song was considered taboo. The lyrics were groundbreaking and risqué for their time, telling stories not usually told in rock songs," says da Silva. "We thought it be cool to keep the lo-fi, retro feel in the music, and combine it with a soft-spoken, matter of fact vocal delivery."

Press Quotes:

Freedom Hall - “The beautiful song with an old feel that we’ve been missing not to mention the video is dope!”

Southern Redeux - “Their arrangement of, “Take a Walk on the Wild Side”, was an intriguing blend of Lou Reed meets Suzanne Vega meets Astrud Gilberto, without a hint of pretension. Wonderful stuff.”


Dan Digs - “Brazilian-American singer Mônica da Silva and her partner Chad Alger expertly cover Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wild Side.” 


Connect Brazil - “A unique take on a classic song.” 

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