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Soldado de Amor




"Soldado de Amor" (Soldier of Love) is a haunting ballad by Brazilian American singer songwriter Monica da Silva. The song was inspired by the vintage “marchinhas” (marches) and popular samba songs of Brazilian Carnival.


"When this melody came into my head, it sounded very familiar to me, and reminded me of the songs I grew up listening to. The lyrics describe leaving all things petty behind, and living for love, fantasy, happiness and passion", says da Silva.


"Soldado de Amor" is featured on the 2017 BBC One series “The Replacement”, as well as the 2018 Paramount Network series “American Woman”. 

Credits: Written by Monica da Silva & Bruce Driscoll (Freedom Fry) / Vocals: Monica da Silva, Bruce Driscoll / Guitar: Bruce Driscoll / Drums & Percussion: Chad Alger (Complicated Animals) / Produced by Bruce Driscoll / Mixed and by Chad Alger / Mastered by Yoad Nevo 

Press Quotes:


Gozamos - “Da Silva’s sultry and impassioned voice on Soldado de Amor evokes memories of Caetano’s Tropicalia."


Aupium - “An exquisite indie nova track that has all the trimmings of samba. There is a threadlike dose of soul that blends gracefully in the background as your ears pluck up the soothing strings, drummings, and deliberate piano chords. It is the type of track that you would put on-repeat for hours.”

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