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Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Monica da Silva - Soldado de Amor Album Cover Art Brazilian Bossa Nova Music

Socialite Fiasco Music is pleased to announce the release of “Soldado de Amor” (Soldier of Love) by Brazilian American singer-songwriter Monica da Silva.

"Soldado de Amor", which da Silva co-wrote with her brother Bruce Driscoll, is a haunting ballad, inspired by the vintage “marchinhas” (marches) and popular samba songs of Brazilian Carnival.

Monica da Silva Brazilian Singer of Bossa Nova and Jazz
Monica da Silva - Soldado de Amor

Although samba is the most common type of music heard in Brazilian street parades, up until the 1960s, the marchas/marchinhas were more popular. In “A Cultural Encylopedia of Extraordinary and Exotic Customs from around the World,” Javier A. Galvan explains that, “The first marcha “O abre alas,” was created by Chiquinha Gonzaga in 1899 for the cordão Rosa de Ouro. It is known as the first song to be written specifically for carnival.” Later, in the 30s and 40s, the now classic marchas and sambas were composed and remain popular today.

Monica da Silva Brazilian Jazz and Bossa Nova Vocalist

According to Gozamos, “ Da Silva’s sultry and impassioned voice on Soldier of Love evokes memories of Caetano’s Tropicalia.” See if you agree!


Performed by: Monica da Silva

Written by Monica da Silva and Bruce Driscoll

Vocals: Monica da Silva, Bruce Driscoll

Guitar: Bruce Driscoll

Drums & Percussion: Chad Alger

Mixed by Chad Alger

Mastered by Yoad Nevo


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